Predictive Text

Abair Leat’s unique predictive texting function makes using Irish easier than ever before.

Tired of autocorrect changing “craic” to “crack”? “Scoil” to “spoil”? Abair Leat can help with that! Abair Leat’s predictive texting function checks your words against open-source Irish dictionaries, to ensure that you’re getting the most enjoyment out of your Irish-language messaging experience, with minimal frustration.


Earn achievements and unlock rewards as you use Abair Leat! Score!

Get rewarded for using Abair Leat and improving your Irish skills. With every text you send using Abair Leat, you earn points to unlock achievements and rewards. Earn trophies, unlock new emoji libraries, and show off those rewards to your friends on Abair Leat and other social media platforms.


Everything you’ve come to expect from a messaging app, plus more.

Share photos and videos, express yourself with a library of unique emojis, and start group messages. If you sign up with Facebook, your contact list will automatically update as your friends join the app. Abair Leat also allows you to control your privacy by muting or blocking specific users. You can even share your location with friends.

Abair Leat is the world’s first minority language mobile messaging app.

With everything you’ve come to expect from a mobile messaging app, plus plenty of fun new features, Abair Leat makes communicating in Irish easier and more enjoyable than ever before!


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